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Fort Vermilion Community Library was started in the 1930's by Jessie Slade McGrew, as a traveling library. The goal was to bring reading material to the people of the north, as they were isolated some of the time and modern technology was not here then. After Jessie no longer was involved, the library was moved into someone's basement. When the Centennial building was built, the library was moved into there and remained there until 1993 when a new building was erected to accommodate the Library plus a rental space, which is currently occupied by Fort Vermilion Support Services. The collection has grown and technology has caught up to us as we are automated and have computers for public use. Library Membership – provides access to borrowing library materials from the local library as well as other libraries within the system. Children and youth under 18 must have membership approved by parent or guardian. Fort Vermilion Community Library is funded by Mackenzie County, making it possible for you to obtain your library card at no additional charge as a Fort Vermilion resident.

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