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What we Offer:

Fort Vermilion Community Library has an impressive collection. With over 20,000 items housed within its location, we feel certain that you will find many things to interest you and make your membership enjoyable.

Audio Books: We offer a variety of audio books in all genres and by many popular authors.

Fiction: We have a variety of popular and award-winning as well as classical and local authors. Our fiction genres include Christian fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction, western and more.

Non-fiction: Our nonfiction section will help you in your informational, recreational and educational needs and interests. Some of the more popular topics include cooking, language learning, business, parenting, health, self-help, biographical and more.

Paperbacks: We have a variety of genres and titles to choose from - mystery, western, romance, science fiction and general fiction.

Other collections include music, videos & dvd’s, magazines and newspapers, Large Print, Aboriginal & ESL Collections and much more.

Children’s Library

The Children’s Library has a large assortment of books for all reading levels. Some materials include audio books, a listening library, dvd's & videos, magazines, and more. During the year the Children’s Library has several story times and activities. The highlight of the year is the Summer Reading Program which runs during July and August and gives children the chance to win prizes for maintaining their interest in reading throughout the summer.

  • Inter-Library Loans

  • Free Internet Access

  • Wireless Internet Access

  • Word Processing with a laser printer

  • Black and white pages printed - $0.20/side

  • Colour pages printed - $0.30/side

  • Access to a fax machine - local fax is $0.25/page, Long distance fax is $1.00 for the first page and $0.25 for every following page.

  • Photocopying - $0.20/side

  • Laminating -pouches cost from $0.75 to $2.00 depending on size

  • Conference room rental - $10/hr or $50/day

Membership Cards

A family may have only one card, or each member in the family may have their very own personal card with a barcode on it and this may be used as their very own personal membership number. Their personal information is stored in the computer and linked to the barcodes of the items that they borrow.

Overdue Items and Fines

When a patron comes in to borrow a book, the librarian's screen will show any items the individual still has signed out that are overdue. The screen will also show outstanding fines for items that have been returned late. The fines will remain on the record until the patron resolves it. Library staff will inform patrons of "blocks" on their record if one appears when they are in to check out books. Staff will also continue to mail out overdue and fine notices.

Fine Calculation

The system begins calculating fines 1 week from the due date of the item. The fine continues to be $0.10 per day per item. Fines will not result in the loss of borrowing privileges, unless they accrue to an unreasonable amount. However, the refusal to return an item or the refusal to provide for its replacement will result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

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